Saturday, 15 November 2014

Anchorage Bar and Kitchen, Sheffield

Located in the former Bar 23/Fitzwilliam and West unit in West One, Anchorage is the latest venture from the guys behind The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends. 

With a complete refurbishment of the venue, an exciting drinks menu (covering all the important angles including wine, cocktails and beer) and East Coast style food, Anchorage is one of the most interesting places to have opened up in town this year.

One lunchtime, Gav and I found ourselves at a loose end, so we decided to give Anchorage a go. Sadly, the upstairs restaurant, the area that I hadn't spent any time in since the refurb, is closed in the day, but we found the mezzanine area in the bar perfectly comfortable. 

The Express Menu had caught my eye a while back and I decided that I'd put it to the test on this visit. With two courses for £12, or three for £15, this menu, on the face of it, is incredible value. 

I started with squid. Coated in a light batter and deep-fried, the portion was larger than I expected given it was on the Express Menu. More importantly however was the fact that the rings were perfectly cooked. A chipotle mayonnaise was a good dip, although it could have had a little more heat for my liking. Overall I was impressed and would order the dish again.

Gav ate off the standard menu and chose the Chicago ribs (£5.50) which were fab. The meat fell off the bone and the bourbon BBQ sauce had a good kick to it.

In terms of mains, I couldn't pass on the flat iron steak and, once again, I was impressed. It was another decent portion, the meat was tasty, well seasoned and served rare - as requested. A side of coleslaw was good, but my fries were quite anaemic looking (although absolutely fine on tasting) and I think the plate would look better (and fuller) if things were served directly on it rather than in little tubs. Gav had the buttermilk chicken (£9) which came with fries, spicy coleslaw and devilled eggs which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Feeling a little greedy we'd also ordered extra sides of mac & cheese (£4) and Boston baked beans (£3) which were great - especially the mac & cheese which had a really good flavour - but totally unnecessary as we were beyond stuffed by the time we'd finished! In terms of drinks we had an Anchor Porter (on keg) each and I also had a glass of the rather delicious Australian Shiraz with my main.

I'm so pleased we both enjoyed our visit to Anchorage - I think it looks great and it was good to find that the place has both style and substance. I can't wait to try it on an evening - I need to explore that wine menu a little more and we've both got our sights on the Tomahawk steak...

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