My Sheffield Favourites

I often get asked for recommendations on Twitter so I thought it might be useful to post a page setting them out. 

Note that this is a very subjective list of my favourite places to eat and drink in Sheffield and there are plenty of other good places in Sheffield.

Admittedly, since moving to Hillsborough I haven't been going out so much, so I am a little behind when it comes to trying out new places - playing catch up when it comes to food ain't such a hardship though! 

Of course I'll never be able to try out all the restaurants/cafes/pubs in Sheffield so just because somewhere isn't on this list, it doesn't mean I, or others, don't think it's good enough!!

I've added a few reviews (including my own) next to each choice to give a bit of balance (note that I DO NOT condone every review here), but I welcome your thoughts, so feel free to add your recommendations in the comments section too. Please also let me know if there are any reviews that I've missed off here.

By the way, before anyone asks, these lists are not in any order of preference! It's also a work in progress piece and entries will change as and when with new stuff being added all of the time.


The Wick at Both Ends

Quality British food at affordable prices. I haven't been for a while, and this saddens me greatly, but I have always relied on the Wick for good food and I'm sure I can continue to do so! 
Feast and Glory ReviewThe Star ReviewThe Forge Today ReviewMean Muncher Review, Sheffield Eats Review

The Great Gatsby

With Shy Boy Cantina in the kitchen you can expect Mexican fusion food - by which I mean tacos with kimchi, burritos with slow braised beef and large plates including sliced belly pork and ceviche. The food's tasty, the prices are great (you'll eat well for less than a tenner) and the drinks are top notch.
Feast and Glory ReviewTweeted Review, Exposed Review

The Red Deer

Best Sunday dinners in the city centre? Also good for vegetarians. 
Food and Drink Guides

Rutland Arms

Go for the daily changing specials which are always a fair few notches above average pub grub. Follow chef Rico on Twitter to check out what's on offer each day - make sure you check out the beer selection too.
Feast and Glory ReviewNorthern Food

The Old House

With table service The Old House is a little more formal than the rest, but the food is good and affordable. Known for its pies.
The Star ReviewLa Potato Review, Feast and Glory Review

Common Room

Really good ribs 'n' shit. 

Craft & Dough

One of the Milestone group, Craft & Dough is perfect for an informal meal with friends. Pizzas are great - as is the beer list. Perfectly located for lunch whilst you're on that Kelham Island pub crawl!

Something a bit smarter

Thyme Cafe

This is a great place for a relaxing lunch with friends. It's smart, but easy going and the food is good.
Epworth Bells and Crowle Advertiser 

Milestone has been a favourite of mine for some years now. I don't think I've ever had a bad meal here and the service has always been good too. Tasting menus are particularly recommended.
Feast and Glory ReviewFeast and Glory ReviewExposed ReviewJay Rayner ReviewNorthern Food ReviewPretentious Hippy ReviewFoods To Try Before You Die ReviewNorthern Food ReviewThe Star Review, Girl Eats Sheffield Review


Run by Charlie Curran and Kelly Ware this is excellent food - with style and substance. The wine menu is pretty good too (in my humble opinion).
Sheffield Telegraph Review, Exposed Review


Wasabisabi has been going for years and it's been a favourite right from the start. Smart surroundings, attentive service and a menu to die for...
Feast and Glory ReviewGood Gobble Review


VeroGusto is real Italian food served up in luxurious surroundings. Make sure you leave room for cake!
Feast and Glory ReviewOur Favourite PlacesDeliBeli Blog ReviewSheffield Telegraph ReviewSheffield Star Review

Ok, I've only been once, but I was blown away. So Rafters has to make it onto this list!


Tamper Coffee

Tamper probably serves up the best coffee in Sheffield. Go to Westfield Terrace for a quick breakfast or their newer premises at Arundel Street for something a bit more substantial, and impressive.
Exposed ReviewSheffield EatsNibbly Pig ReviewNorthern Food ReviewNibbly Pig ReviewSheffield Unchained Review

Eten Cafe
The guys behind Eten are lovely AND they know what they're doing food wise! By day it's a cafe serving up good, homely and freshly prepared food; but pop in on a Wednesday or Saturday night and you'll be treated to a good value bistro menu. They've also started doing tapas on a Friday night.
Sheffield Telegraph Review

A drive out of town

Losehill House Hotel

I feel so lucky to have stumbled on this place a few years ago as the food is amazing. The restaurant has an affordable lunch menu but, for a real treat, I recommend you stay the night and go for the dinner option.
Exposed ReviewCritical Couple Review

Samuel Fox

Sam Fox is a pub in Bradwell, but the food is restaurant quality. Modern British with a couple of twists here and there.
Feast and Glory ReviewThe Star ReviewSheffield Telegraph ReviewNo Frills Food Review


Orient Express

Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review, Sheffield Telegraph Review

Noodle Inn (et al)

Feast and Glory Review, Northern Food, Sheffield Telegraph Review, The Star Review

Three Corners of China

Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review


Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review

I don't really want to split these places up as they are all very similar. I guess Harmony is the more 'simple' of the group as the menu mainly focuses on rice and noodle dishes. The more adventurous should try 3 Corners as the menu is packed with offal and unusual cuts of meat. If you go to the Orient Express, try and persuade them to serve you one of the dishes from the Chinese menu, which is usually written up on a blackboard.



South Indian food - including dosas. I last visited the one on Abbeydale Road a few years back, but they've just opened up a new restaurant on Middlewood Road in Hillsborough. And I can recommend it for eating in and takeaway. Oh and they sell Jaipur by the bottle...


Another South Indian option - but centrally located on Glossop Road.
Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review

Urban Choola
Even more South Indian food.



See above.


You can mix and match with food from the conveyor (or the kaiten) and the menu, but we seem to generally use Sakushi for takeaway which has always proven to be reliable. Go for the Ton Katsu Kare.
Feast and Glory Review

Edo Sushi

Go for the lunch deals.



Zeugma is great for both veggies and meat eaters - just watch out for the hot rocks spitting out from the coals as the food is cooked on an indoor BBQ!
Northern Food Review, The Star Review, Good Gobble Review



Amigos serves up fresh and colourful food. Go for the fish, the salads and the BYOB policy.
Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review, Love Sheffield Review,   

Street Food Chef

SFC is a Sheffield institution dishing up Mexican street food such as burritos, tacos and quesadillas. Go with a hangover - the food is stodgy enough to soak up the alcohol, but nutritious enough to get your body back on track. (It's also very good when sober)
Feast and Glory Review, The Star Review, Nibbly Pig Review, North West Nosh Review



See above.

I don't get to go here often enough, which is a huge shame as it's all about simple, authentic Italian food with friendly service.
Sheffield Star Review, Feast and Glory Review 


The Great Gatsby

I love a good cocktail and the Gatsby love a good cocktail menu. The bar tenders are fabulous and well equipped with the know-how to make any classic cocktail you desire! Also, make sure you check out the new addition - Daisy's - where you can enjoy your cocktails in blissful peace whilst the party continues in the Gatsby below!

Picture House Social

More of the Gatsby, but down Abbeydale Road. 

The Old House

The Old House is a good all-rounder. It has a good cocktail menu, a better than average wine list and a good selection of real ale on draught. 

The Wick at Both Ends

As well as the cocktail list, I like the vibe in the Wick. 
Forge Today Review

Bamboo Door
Another good and well priced wine list. Currently loving their Picpoul de Pinet.

Trippets Lounge Bar

So new to the scene that I've only managed one trip so far - where I shared a lovely bottle of wine with friends. 
Sheffield Telegraph Review


The Bath Hotel

Since becoming a bit of a beer head, I've fallen in love with the Bath. It's a Thornbridge pub but there's always a range of beer on from other breweries too.

The Red Deer

An easy going and friendly pub with good beer and a nice garden round the back.

The Rutland Arms

Coz it's not all about the food and the Rutland has damn good beer too - expect to see the likes of Magic Rock and Siren on tap.

Sheffield Tap

There's not a lot to say about this place, apart from... it's in the train station and it sells a shit load of good beer. Perfect for a pre/post train/tram ride beverage.


The lack of an apostrophe annoys the hell out of me, but this is a fantastic pub. Bar staff are friendly and VERY knowledgeable. They have 9 cask ales on (Abbeydale Deception and 8 guests/rotating ales) and a few (5/6?) kegs including 3 guests. The bottle range is pretty good too. All this means that I'm spoilt for choice whenever I visit!

New Barrack Tavern

NBT is our favourite pub in Hillsborough. Owners Steph and Kev are lovely, there's a decent range of beer on and the beer garden is quite sweet.

Kelham Island Tavern

KIT always have something interesting on and their beer garden is lovely.

Malin Bridge Inn/Wadsley Jack

Hillsborough is all about Bradfield Brewery and both of these pubs have Farmers Blonde on tap - the Malin has Brown Cow on too. Both also allow dogs and are carpeted which is great for Jez's boney greyhound arse - especially as they're close to a couple of the walks we take him on. They serve food - nowt extravagant - but at least most of it is made in house which does me nicely for a post dog walk treat!

Food Shops

Mr Pickles' Yorkshire Food Emporium 

Ok, ok, I work here, so you could think I'm a bit biased. OR you could trust that I'd only ever work in a food place that I really liked! Everything is from Yorkshire and it stocks a wide range of local produce - think Autumn Harvest Mushrooms, Catherine's Choice and Sheffield Honey. However it's the high welfare meat, cheese counter and fresh fruit and veg that does it for me! Oh and its 8am - 8pm opening hours work around full time office workers - something else I strongly believe in.

Hop Hideout

And, again I must add a disclaimer as I'm friends with owners Jules and Will (and work at the shop every so often) but Hop Hideout is my favourite dedicated beer shop. They always have something new and exciting in - honestly it's impossible to keep up - and their events calendar mean that there's always something interesting going on...


The first to break away from the market before it moved down to the Moor, Simmonite is a fishmongers, butcher and deli all rolled into one and conveniently located on Division Street.
My Food Challenge Blog

Beeches of Walkley
Originally a butchers and now known as the urban farm shop, Beeches sells everything. Game, fish, meat, cheese, pasta... everything.
Sheffield Mapped

Porter Brook Deli
Cheese and meat - need I say any more? Oh and the owners, Nick and Nicky, are two of the most lovely people you will ever meet.


  1. This is brilliant Clare, a job well done :)

    1. Agree with Sarah, You did a great job, this will useful to others as this links can help anyone to find, view and book the best restaurants in Sheffield. So many thanks

  2. Cheers Sarah - makes the hard work worthwhile!

  3. Excellent write up plus I know you will add / takeaway entries as times / chefs/ ownerships change.

    Far better knowledge here than any supposed "good food guide" which is out of date as soon as they print it...

    From a personal pov , I would add milanos to the posh section. And I urge you to try noodle inn hotpot for a fab and delicious experience.

  4. Cheers Goooooooogle. I certainly will try and keep it as up to date as possible. In fact I'm currently going through the blog updating stuff and having a general tidy up now. Thanks for the recommendations too.

  5. @wortleyarms @YorkSheffield @MidHandleyDev @PeakedgeHotel @CrossScythesS17 @TheOldHornsInn all need checking out !!!

  6. I'd highly recommend The Wortley Arms as well ... great food.

  7. Well, the Wortley Arms sounds popular - and I haven't even been!

  8. Good list. I love the Bath.

    1) China Red: Tried with some Chinese friends a couple of years ago. Really enjoyed but beware: the spicy stuff is BRUTAL.

    2) Bungalows & Bears : Top burgers but the real gem is the Fried Chicken. It's never dry and it's succulent. If you ask for the spicy, get a good drink.

    3) Common room : For a while I was looking for a place with good hot dogs. I absolutely love the Coney island one in here. Coleslaw portions need to be bigger, though. BBQ sauce is great too.

  9. Loving your blog Clare! I'm a blogger from Western Australia - we used to live in Sheffield and I'm looking into where to eat for our Yorkshire holiday in 18 months. My list is a mile long now thanks to your blog. There's lots of new places around since we were working and Cheffing in Sheff :)

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