Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Trip to Trippet's

Day four of our 'staycation' and we fancied trying somewhere new for lunch. Trippet's Lounge Bar was the obvious choice - with a menu of little plates and a good wine list is sounded right up our street.

We started off in The Bath where I finally got to try the Thornbridge I Love You, Will You Marry Me? - which is amazing by the way. It's a strawberry beer, but, unlike a lot of fruit beers, this was really natural tasting and not at all sickly!

Onto Trippet's and we had a lovely time. You know the kind of experience where you smile throughout the meal and leave the place with a great big grin on your face? Well that's what happened to us. The food, wine and service was just perfect.

We were so impressed that we recently returned one Friday night - so that we could take advantage of the live jazz in the bar. And, once again, we had a brilliant time - Trippet's has quickly become one of my favorite places to be right now.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A wander down Abbeydale Road

Day three of our 'staycation' saw us take a wander down Abbeydale Road. We've always loved this area of town (we used to live down there about 15 years ago) and the antique shops and Asian supermarkets can keep me entertained for hours!

Come lunch time we fancied something healthy and light so we eschewed our usual haunts on London Road and headed into Nether Edge. 

Homemade by Thelma's caught our attention and I'm rather pleased it did because the food was spot on. Fresh, light and packed with flavour.

Gav went for a Moroccan lamb quesadilla.  

And I had a cheese omelette with a couple of salads.

We then went to see our mates at Hop Hideout and have a couple of beers.

It's such a lovely little spot to enjoy a beer or two - the selection available is just brilliant and there's always something new for me to try.

Later that evening we treated ourselves to a meal at Peppercorn - which was as good as ever - but, as I didn't take any pictures, you'll just have to take my word for it...

Friday, 18 September 2015

A trip down Kelham Island

Since I've started drinking more beer, Kelham Island has become one of my favourite places to while away an afternoon. So on day two of our 'staycation' we headed down there for a few pints.

We kicked things off with a celebratory breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - coz we were on our holidays! We even had a glass of fizz with it!

We then headed down to the Kelham Island Tavern where I discovered the amazing M&T News - the monthly magazine of the Sheffield Omnibus Enthusiasts Society. I was just blown away by the level of detail in there!

A lunch at Craft & Dough was as good as ever. I think pizzas are just perfect with beer - tasty and filling.

We rounded off our day at Shakespeares which is probably my favourite pub right now - they just ALWAYS have at least three new things on tap/keg that I want to try. And this time I also dipped into the bottle menu with the Tripel Hopped Duvel.

Back at home we carried on the fun with a Blubus Maximus, which was too sour for my taste, but Gav enjoyed it.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

A quick lunch at the Rutland Arms

The Rutland Arms is one of my favourite pubs in Sheffield. It's a 'proper' pub that happens to serve damn fine beer and top notch food. 

The food is courtesy of Chef Rico who is super passionate about his cooking and able to experiment thanks to the daily changing specials board.

On the first day of our 'staycation' last month I popped in for a quick lunch. Rico had acquired a pig's head from Mr Pickles' and I wanted to see how it looked on the plate.

Pig's head terrine - look how pretty it is!

Pig's ears - coz Jez was on 'staycation' too!

Long Live The Blog!

So, I've been rather busy recently (this work/life balance thing has gone a bit skewiff recently... in a good way...) which means I just don't have time for the blog anymore (or the cleaning, gardening, painting...). 

And I've been pretty close to jacking it all in (the blog that is, not life!). I even talked about switching it over to Facebook where I could get away with posting shorter, simpler posts along with a few pics. But then I realised that I wouldn't be able to search through my posts, that linking to them could be a bit trickier and that some posts would just get lost on the page. 

So I think the way forward is to keep things short and sweet. Hell, nobody reads this thing in any real detail anyways (apart from my mum of course)... 

Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

The Devonshire Cat has a long-standing reputation as a real ale pub in Sheffield - probably even more so since it was taken on by Abbeydale Brewery in January 2014. And with a detailed bottle menu of over 100 beers, 12 hand-pulls and 14 kegs, you can certainly see why!

More recently, however, the focus has shifted a little to the food side of things. Head chef Peter Lightfoot has been at the Devonshire Cat for three years, but he's revamped the menu of classic pub grub and introduced a weekly changing specials board. And all of a sudden the Dev Cat, a place I'd never really seen as an option for eating out, was on my radar.

I first tried the food a few months ago at a Cavendish Cancer Care charity night. Despite the pub being really busy with a number of sittings, the food really impressed me. So when Josh, the manager, got in touch to see if I wanted to come back and try the food for the blog, I happily agreed.

We arranged to head down on a Monday night - the first day of our 'staycation'. Well, I say that, but Gav couldn't swap his on-call shift so he was actually at work until 4.30pm. I met him in The Bath Hotel (another excellent beery venue) before wandering down to the Devonshire Cat.

Located on the ground level of a new(ish) development of student flats, the traditional pub like interior might surprise some. I think it's the light from the floor to ceiling windows that does it - we're just so used to dimly lit pubs!

We headed to the bar to find that the beer selection was on top form - I ordered a pint of Siren, whilst Gav kept it local with one of the (many) Abbeydale offerings. 

There were two menus on the table - the day to day stuff which was packed with the classics such as gammon & egg and fish & chips - and the specials menu. 

It's here that I regretted being a little hasty with our beer orders as each special was listed with a recommended beer - a nice touch and something that demonstrates the knowledge of the team behind Dev Cat.

For starter I went for the Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs (£4.95) - mostly because the menu boasted they use Moss Valley pork products, but also coz I bleedin love pork ribs! And, cooked to fall off the bone perfection, these were no disappointment. 

Gav had the Beer Battered Brie Wedges (£4.95) - oozy chunks of cheese coated in a batter made with one of Abbeydale's most popular beers - Deception. They were served with a tangy mango coulis which complemented the cheese nicely.

For mains, we both looked to the specials. Gav had the New Orleans Meatloaf (£8.95) with a champ mash, glazed carrots and BBQ sauce. The loaf was wrapped in bacon and had a peppery tang to it - he was pleased with his choice.

I shocked myself and ignored the meaty gammon & egg and rib feast options and went for the Mushroom Porcini (£9.25). Mushroom ravioli served in a creamy tomato sauce with king prawns was probably the most vegetarian dish I'd ordered in months (and yes, I know prawns aren't vegetarian)! It did the job though - the mushroom filling was delicious and the sauce was thick and rich. To be honest I think it could have coped without the prawns - not that I didn't enjoy the plump sweet meat.

We decided to share dessert and kept it relatively light with a Eton Mess Cheesecake which did what it said on the tin and rounded the evening off nicely.

We were completely satisfied with our meal at the Dev Cat. The food was everything I expected and it came with good service and excellent beer. Certainly one to bear in mind next time you're in town.