Monday, 12 August 2013

An easy midweek tea - lamb chops with lentils

Gav and I went to Manchester last weekend which meant that the fridge was nigh on empty when we got back. And, as I hadn't had time to plan any of our meals for the week ahead I had to both decide what to cook tonight and buy all the ingredients on my way home from work. Luckily Simmonite's, from Castle Market, have set up shop on Division Street, and they opened today, so I popped in there for some inspiration.

A pack of lamb chops and a tub of char-grilled aubergine slices later I had  a menu in mind; lamb with a warm lentil 'salad'.

The lentils were incredibly easy to make. I rinsed off some puy lentils and set them off cooking on the hob along with a chopped carrot and a small bunch of parsley (tied together with a piece of spring onion). Once cooked I removed the parsley and drained the lentils and carrot off. I then added a sliced chilli, 2 sliced spring onions, 2 chopped tomatoes, some fresh parsley (finely chopped), a teaspoon of capers (chopped) and the char-grilled aubergine slices (about 100g - chopped) and heated everything through as I char-grilled the lamb.


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