Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Back of House Sheffield - An Exposed Blog post

With a strapline of ‘Food’s got Proper’, Back of House (or BOH), Ecclesall Road’s newest restaurant has caused a bit of a stir amongst some Sheffield foodies. What is this ‘proper’? Why have we not had it before? Rather, does BOH not know that we already have ‘proper’ food?

Instead of getting bogged down in semantics, I took this strapline to mean that BOH was going to offer British food done well and without any pretence. Yes, of course we already have this in Sheffield; The Milestone do it particularly well in fact, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have room for another, and so what if they want to use a strapline that tries to set them apart from others?

With this in mind I was delighted to manage to bag myself (and the husband) a table on their launch night and on seeing their menu for the first time, I was glad to find that the food was, indeed, ‘proper’. It was only when Thomas Robjohns (bar specialist and joint owner, along with chef Richard Bucklow and Jaye Taylor) told us to expect the unexpected explaining that dishes wouldn’t be quite as they seemed from the menu that I started to question the BOH concept. How could a dish be ‘proper’ but also not what it seemed?

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