Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sanity returns - Dakshin

Although I survived Wetherspoons, I was quite pleased to get the chance to try something else.

Being a lover of a good curry, I was especially pleased to find a South Indian restaurant in Leicester.

Although it wasn't expensive, it was pricier than Wetherspoons (isn't everything?) and so we decided to go as a treat on our last night.

Dakshin looks closed from the outside, although the flashing OPEN sign and advertising board on the pavement outside confirmed otherwise.

We were welcomed by a waiter who happily seated us and took our order.

The menu is organised according to the regions of India. My friend went for a Bhuna (they have the North Indian section for lovers of the more 'standard' curries), rice, keema naan and a glass of rose. I went straight to Kerela and ordered the Meen Moilee; 'Fish cooked in rich creamy coconut sauce tempered with green chilies & southern spices'.  I also got some rice and a paratha.

There was Indian wine on offer so I had a glass of the white.  It was a bit sweet for my liking, but still enjoyable.

The food was ok; tasty but no where near as hot as I expected or wanted.  Having said that a dodgy stomach on the morning of my last exam would not have gone down very well.  The fish was nice and moist and portions were decent.  Service was also good.

Maybe I had my mind on other things (exams?!), maybe I picked the wrong dish, maybe I love East and West & Dhanista's too much, or maybe it just wasn't all that fantastic.  Whatever reason, it just didn't wow me.  It was good, and I would eat there should I be in Leicester again, but it wasn't amazing.

The bill came to about £30 which wasn't overly expensive, but was more expensive than any meal I've had at either East and West or Dhanista's.

Ahhhhh.  I am glad to be home!


  1. hi, Useful info. Hope to see more good posts in the future.

  2. I love seeing pictures of people's meals! Although it does make me hungry!

    Any (veggie) menu recommendations for East and West or Dhanistas? Never been but would like to try them out!

    Clare :)

  3. @Hotels Leeds - thank you - there will be more to come!

    @Clare - plenty of veggie options at both Dhanista's and East and West. Faves are anything with aubergine, okra and paneer. Dosas are very good too.

    Check out -

    and here -

    for more!

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