Thursday, 9 June 2011

Home at last and Sakushi Sushi

Exams finished and finally back home (it's always nice to come home isn't it?), I fancied sushi and fizz.  It's a fantastic combination and a perfect celebratory meal.

I didn't fancy going out though so I sent Gav out for the fizz (Prosecco) and ordered our sushi online from Sakushi.

They have a fantastic take away and delivery service.  It's all online, although you do have to call through to the restaurant if you want to make a card payment rather than pay in cash.  There are generally some discount codes floating around too so look out for those.

I've used Sakushi for home delivery a few times now and I can highly recommend it.  The food is always freshly made and it's delivered with plenty of chopsticks, wasbi and ginger.  It's efficient too.

I will now apologise for the photos.  I'd been drinking steadily since finishing the exam and my hands were a bit shakey! 

So what did we have?

Well, there was edemame which I adore.  Pop the soya beans into your mouth and enjoy!  They're perfect with drinks and healthier than peanuts.

There was seafood gyoza which was ok, but could have been crispier.

Ton Katsu Kare (pork cutlet in a Japanese curry) which is another well loved dish and I think Sakushi make the best - in Sheffield anyway (remember the photo does the dish no justice!).

Salmon sashimi.  After trying a lot of sashimi over the years, salmon is my favourite.  It's positively creamy and delicious.  We also had ikura gunkan (sushi with salmon fish roe) which is always fun to eat and avacado tempura inari (prawn, avaocado and rice stuffed into a sweet tofu roll) which is a must if you haven't tried these sweet but savoury rolls.

Mmmmmm.  Welcome home!

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