Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Leicester Part One - Weathering the Storm

Ok.  Those of you who have been listening to my moaning over the past few weeks will know that I've just had some exams to endure. Urgh.  I hate exams.  Especially when I have to travel to Leicester to complete them. I’ve been on a distance learning course and I've had a few study weekends throughout the year. 

Thankfully I have managed to befriend a few people including one who shares a similar love of wine but also a desire to crack on and get the work done. This meant for a dining partner throughout along with a couple of glasses of vino in the evening whilst we 'revised'. Actually, these 'revision' sessions worked out quite well as we could both de-stress whilst having useful conversations about the upcoming exams.

The only down side was that neither of us particularly wanted to spend a lot on dining out and as we didn't really know Leicester, or have the time to hunt down decent eateries, this meant that we ate dinner at Wetherspoons for two of the three nights. That's right boys and girls your blogger and lover of all things culinary ate at Wetherspoons....... two nights in a row.

Ok it was rough as hell, full of chavs and alcoholics (they were on the beer when we went for breakfast – and yes we ate breakfast there too), but it was CHEAP. Also, I was able to get something healthy down my throat as they have started doing Super Salads.  That’s right, along with the standard pies, burgers, steaks and curries, you can get tasty wholesome salads at Wetherspoons.

The first night I had it served with salmon.  The fish was dry, not unbearably so, but the salad was delicious.  It included butternut squash, spinach, edamame soya beans, broccoli, green beans, pomegranate seed and red chard and it was really yummy!  It was surprisingly filling too, although I did get some garlic bread on the side (which was disappointing).

The next night I wanted healthy again, but didn’t really fancy salmon again.  The salad can also be ordered with chicken but I don’t do cheap chicken (as it’s bound to be as far away from free range as possible) so I got it on its own along with a starter portion of spicy coated king prawns.

I had explained that I wanted both together when ordering, but of course the prawns came first, sans salad.  They went back and probably sat on the hot plate whilst everything else was prepared.  Well, whilst my friend’s dinner was prepared and whilst my salad bag was opened. They came back again.  Ok, the prawns were not the best, and I didn't really get on with the deep fried coating, but the dish wasn't actually that bad!

Now don’t worry too much as I haven’t lost all my marbles….. you’ll be glad to know that on our last night we treated ourselves to a South Indian curry.  Post will follow shortly.

In the meantime, what about you?  Are you a lover or hater of Wetherspoons?  Or do you love to hate it?

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