Saturday, 30 April 2011

Street Food Chef - update

Well the Street Food Chef is going from strength to strength. It seems that people of Sheffield have grasped the opportunity to grab a freshly prepared piece of Mexico as they are out and about, and who can blame them? It's easy eating, reasonably priced and darn tasty. In case that isn't good enough reason to give this place a go, they have started using Moss Valley Fine Meats pork which is Made in Sheffield.

With the hangover from hell I was quite pleased to hear that Gav fancied a trip to Street Food Chef and I placed my order with him. Shortly after he returned with a bag of goodies.

Two pork burritos, a bag of nachos, some soured cream and.... GET THIS..... a bag of pork scratchings!  All for the barginous price of £9.50!

The burrito was very tasty.  It was packed full of shredded pork cooked with cumin (my favourite spice), rice, re-fried beans and salad. There was a lot of stuff in there, but don't worry; these rolls are expertly prepared so you won't lose any of the precious filling on eating! It was full of flavour too and just the right level of heat which left my tongue tingling a little.

Nachos were nice and crunchy, but the absolute highlight for me was the pork scratchings. Gorgeous! They were perfectly cooked, good and crunchy, but still a bit juicy from the fat. The thing that sets them apart from any other pork scratching is the taste. Presumably it's a by-product of the pork used in the burritos so it's full of cumin goodness.

Ahhhhh. I feel better already.


  1. These sound so yummy! I've not been there yet but I think I might sometime this week :)

  2. Thanks for the comment pinklittlebean. Do give them a go and let us know what you think.

  3. My love for pork burritos is pretty insane. A friend recently put me onto getting them without the rice- essentially; more room for other things that taste great. She's a wise girl.

  4. Your friend certainly has a point Tori! Although with a stinking hangover sometimes all I need is a full on carb fest!