Thursday, 28 April 2011

Market Day

Today is Market Day.

Sheffield Farmers Market is on Fargate today (towards the Town Hall side of things - after the continental market) and I went down first thing this morning to say hi to a few of the producers and to pick up some tasty wares. Here's what I came back with....

William's wedding cake and chilli chocolate brownies from Heavenlies. These are for the husband really as he does have a sweet tooth and I did promise him some cake. However they do look good and I may have to at least have a nibble!

Cracked Black Pepper Sausages and Sweetcure Thin Cut Back Bacon from Moss Valley Fine Meats. These sausages are fab. Really tasty and I like the subtle flavour of the black pepper as it doesn't drown the flavour of the meat.

Pressed Tongue from Halls Home Produce. Tastes way better than it sounds and a bargain at £1.50 a pack!

Mixed Gourmet Mushrooms from Autumn Harvest Mushrooms. These are a favourite in my house. They come nicely prepared so there's no cleaning to be done and they taste amazing - I have never enjoyed mushrooms as much! I'll be cooking these up with my Moss Valley Fine Meats bacon in an omelette for our tea tonight.

Then I popped down to Castle Market......

I picked up my fruit and veg. The courgettes, aubergine and mushrooms will be used for a healthy roasted veg salad in the week.

Horlicks Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese is my favourite and I also picked up 6 Free Range Eggs for 90p.

W Bunting & Son is my favourite butchers and I love their lamb cutlets, which I have chopped in half so that we can have one each. I cook them like steaks on the char-grill pan.

Talking of steaks.....

I picked up some enormous Rib-eye steaks too. They're sliced in front of you so you can ask for the size that you want. I wanted thick and juicy! I can hardly wait to have them, but they've gone into the freezer for next week when I'll serve them with salad and chips.  Mmmmmm!

Onto the Fishmongers where I got two rainbow trout. They're fresh so they've also gone into the freezer for next week.

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