Thursday, 5 May 2011

The husband cooks!

Normally I am insanely jealous when the husband has a day off and I have to put in a hard day's work.... but not this time. To be fair he is putting in a few night shifts and weekends at the moment so he was due a break. Also, he spent a fair amount of it preparing my dinner!

Having bought some fab W Bunting & Son lamb steaks the dish had to be lamb based. Gav, having spotted some wild garlic on a recent bike ride, went off foraging for some to go with the lamb (via lunch at Amigo's Mexican Kitchen I must add).

Of course, I had little to do with the prep so here's the recipe - Paul Rankin's Chargrilled Lamb with Garlic Puree, Borlotti Beans and Wild Garlic. Gav pretty much followed it to the letter, bar using slightly less oil and balsamic vinegar and he didn't use fillet. Oh and he used rocket instead of lamb's lettuce.

Looks pretty good doesn't it? It was! Garlic puree was lovely and creamy (and will be made again as a dip). Crispy garlic slices were milder than expected (as they were boiled in milk first). Wild garlic was nice and fresh (and he has loads left over to make a pesto with tomorrow). Bean salad was subtly flavoured with the fresh thyme which I love with lamb. And lamb itself was good.

Not bad for a Thursday night tea is it?

Oh and by the way.  Amigo's has been refurbished and the menu has been extended.  Apparently it has more of a restaurant feel now and there is steak on the menu.  Mmmmmmmm!


  1. Anonymous Corporate Lawyer5 May 2011 at 20:38

    Well done Gavlar!! At last the world can find out where the real cooking talent is . . . Ha ha.

  2. Ha ha - I'll remember that when I'm next planning a feast!