Thursday, 31 March 2011

Taste - Exposed blog post


Following on from my recent review of 1855, you will all be glad to hear that I have since found the perfect carbonara!  For those of you who don’t quite understand my obsession with carbonara you should check out my Roman Feast blog post here

I found my carbonara whilst on a stroll with the husband.  It was sunny and we were in search for a decent lunch. 

As we got towards Hunters Bar roundabout I spotted Zerboni Taste and on remembering good things about it and being in dire need of a decent pasta dish we decided it was the one for us.

On entry we were greeted by the chef who poked his head through the serving hatch. Quickly a waitress appeared and, on hearing that we were after lunch, she suggested that we sit upstairs as they offer table service. 

The décor is nothing special. Furniture is bog standard and there are a few prints of popular Italian sights on the walls along with blackboard menus. I quickly flicked through the menu, spot the carbonara (£7.50), along with the statement ‘a classic done the right way’, and went for it. 

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