Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Wig and Pen - Exposed blog post

The Milestone will not need much of an introduction following their Ramsey’s Best Restaurant 2010 fame. They came tops in the British category and got as far as the semi-finals. Even though they were knocked at this stage they had put up a damn good fight and held their own.

Even prior to all this, The Milestone had been one of my own favourites for a while, although I will admit that I did start to get a bit wary following the whole Ramsey madness  I started reading more negative reviews. 

There have always been a few with the usual complaints (portion size etc), but I was beginning to wonder whether fame had gone to their heads. 

Also their menu changed; completely. It became more gastro pub and less a la carte leading to fewer interesting dishes on the menu and I lost interest.

Then the Wig & Pen on Campo Lane closed its doors.  Now this was truly a sad day for me. I’ve got a lot of happy memories of the Wig & Pen. Drinks at lunch or after work with colleagues, lunch with the parents (who loved it because it had been in the Guardian) and evening meals with the husband had all been enjoyed here. 

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