Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Cracking Omelette - My Way

Today I got a good email. It was from one of the partners at work offering half a dozen eggs, from her own chickens, for £1. There were only two packs to be had so I raced to her office to make sure I had half a chance of getting hold of one. I was in the nick of time, as another followed shortly behind me.

Chatting chickens I am told that there are four chickens; Eggy, Roxy, Penny Henny and Meg. They are kept in the garden; in a pen. They escaped the other day and Eggy refused to answer to the calls of her name. She had to be chased round the garden. 

The chickens are kept for about 18 months until they stop laying. They are then taken to the farm down the road. We don't talk about what will happen to Eggy, Roxy, Penny Henny and Meg when they take their trip to the farm, but I'm guessing that their story will end there.

On getting home I decide to make an omelette. Well, I say omelette, it's more of a tortilla without the potatoes. It's probably wrong in so many ways, but it's my kind of omelette. It's a meal, not a snack, or a lunch. It's a whole meal.

There is no fixed recipe for omelettes, as far as I am concerned, hence no list of ingredients. The method is the important bit. I set my little (name that cannot be mentioned) frying pan on a medium heat and drizzled in some olive oil. I then chopped up half an onion, a quarter of a yellow pepper and a quarter of a green pepper and started frying them gently. Next up were two chestnut mushrooms, which I sliced, and half a chilli, which I also sliced. They went into the pan and I cooked everything away until soft.

I then took 3 of my eggs and whisked. I grated about 100g of cheese and added most of this to the egg, reserving a little for sprinkling later. I poured the eggy mix into the pan and smoothed it out to ensure everything was covered.

Then I turned the heat down to the lowest setting and left it to cook for 20 minutes. About 3 minutes before the 20 minutes were up I switched the grill on high. I sliced a tomato and placed the slices on top of the omelette and sprinkled the remaining cheese on top.

20 minutes up - I took the pan off the heat and shoved it under the grill for about 5 minutes.

I served it with rocket salad.

Of course you can use pretty much anything in an omelette. Chorizo or bacon is a favourite, or Stilton. What's your favourite omelette combination? Or are you a traditional egg only omelette lover?


  1. Chorizio, Cooked Potatoes and always cheese in mine, but they are a staple for when I have no time, little money, or just things that need using up in the fridge. xxxx

  2. I always fry up some chopped bacon and mushrooms first. Then I mix some grated parmesan cheese, black pepper and oregano with the eggs and pour it over the bacon and mushrooms. Cover it until it's about cooked, then throw some grated cheddar cheese on top, add a bit more black pepper and oregano and cover till the cheese melts.


  3. Great aren't they? You can stick anything in... just as long as you've got the eggs and cheese to follow!