Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cossack Cuisine, Moor Market, Sheffield

Have you any idea how many tweets I've retweeted on the basis that I MIGHT win something? No, me neither. But I'm guessing lots... and I bet I'm not the only one! And how many prizes have you all won? Yep, me too. Zilcho.

Well, recently my luck changed... very much so for the better and I won a three course meal at Cossack Cuisine for retweeting something about their signature Russian Honey Cake. How very exciting?!

Now, I have to be honest, I was a little apprehensive about eating a three course meal at the market. I absolutely love the place, but I couldn't imagine how this was going to work. 

Once we arrived, however, I knew I needn't have worried. We received a warm welcome from Steve and, although the market was very busy on this Saturday lunch time, he was able to suggest where we should look for a free table. And, seated at the long bench along the window, we soon settled into our surroundings.

Sadly chef Leeza was busy with a cake for a party so she wasn't around in person on our visit, but Steve knows the menu inside out and was able to recommend a few dishes which would show off a variety of Leeza's cooking.

We started off with a pumpkin soup garnished with pumpkin oil and seeds. Thick and smooth, it was delicious and although it was a good starter, it would also make a fantastic mid week lunch, especially as it was priced at a very reasonable £2.40!

Onto mains, and I had a very interesting beef, coriander and cream stew. Interesting because I never imagined coriander would make an appearance in a Russian meal. The large portion was priced at £3 and, packed with tender chunks of beef and a few potatoes, it was a meal in itself. The sauce was very rich thanks to the cream but the coriander added a touch of freshness. I also loved the level of garlic in there - it packed a bit of a punch!

Steve also recommended that we tried the wedges (£2 for a large portion) - he says they are legendary amongst Cossack Cuisine's customers. And they were good - less crispy than I expected but very well seasoned and tasty.

Gav wanted to try a couple of things and went for the chicken and chorizo pie (£2) and a beef and potato cake (1.50). Now I have to apologise because I really didn't pay that much attention to his plate - all I know is that he was happy with his choices.

By this point we were both stuffed, but Steve was keen for us to try some of Leeza's baking. And so we were packed off with portions of her signature Russian Honey Cake and her Napoleon Cake (£2 each).

On trying the honey cake, I was expecting something very sweet, maybe a bit too sweet, but despite the layers of honey and butter cream, it was just the right level for me. In fact, it was rich and delicious - something that I would try again.

Napoleon Cake was another cake made up of layers. Similar to the mille-feuille it had layers of custard which meant it was a little sweeter than the honey cake but the flaky pastry kept it light. Another delicious cake!

All in all, we were impressed with the food at Cossack Cuisine. For me, the highlight was the beef, coriander and cream stew and I think I'll be trying that again. I'll also be returning for takeaway lunches of soups and pies (and I want to try the salads), especially when I'm taking a longer lunch and have time to wander down to the market.

Have you tried Cossack Cuisine? What about the food stalls in the market?

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