Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Catch Up!

Ok, ok... I haven't been amazing at keeping up with the blog lately. But I have been somewhat distracted by the whole prospect of moving house. 

Yep, your city loving, cocktail guzzling Sheffield food blogger is growing up and moving on. So long one bed city centre flat, hello 3 bed terraced in the suburbs!

Don't get me wrong, it's been great. You can't beat the walk home after a night out, the clutter free and minimalist living or the cheap utility costs. But, all good things must come to an end and, after eight and a half years of living here, it's time to move on.

Now, I am hoping that the move will go smoothly, but I'm guessing it probably won't (do they ever?). So please bear with me... there may be more blog droughts coming up and there may be the odd rant on Twitter... I just hope it will all be worth it.

Anyhoo, enough about me... I thought I better have a bit of a catch up post... a selection of some of the food I've enjoyed over the past couple of months.

First up, here's some pics of the Living Social Taster menu Gav and I had at the Milestone. It was smaller than their standard taster menu - a taster of a taster if you like - but it was amazing and it's reminded me that I really must get myself booked into one of their Flavours of the Seasons evenings.

I've recently discovered the delights of Eten Cafe - rather I've recently discovered that Eten Cafe are happy to box up their dishes for takeaway. Of course, it isn't fast food, so there is a bit of a wait (say 10-15 minutes), but it is real food and everything I've had has been delicious. Here's bubble and squeak with bacon and a couple of fried eggs and a pulled pork sandwich with fries, coleslaw and salad.

A trip to Roma saw Gav and I indulge in a risotto with Italian sausage & mushrooms and a pizze bianca (a tomato free pizza). Both were spot on and this second visit has confirmed my view that Roma is a true gem. If you haven't been yet you really, really must head down soon.

We took a trip to Leeds, which involved visits to Shears Yard, The Greedy Pig and Laynes Espresso amongst a few others.

Back in Sheffield and a desire for some heat saw us dining in Three Corners of China where we shared an amazing selection of dishes including spicy marinated pig ears, braised Dongpo pork leg with brown sauce and Szechuan style fried frog legs. It was all fabulous and I love how the new surge of Chinese restaurants means that I always have something new to try. It's so much better than the Chinese food we grew up with as kids!

Edo Sushi is a firm favourite for lunch as they have a selection of packs ready to go for about a fiver, including miso soup. There's not a lot to say about Edo to be honest - the fish is fresh, the sushi is well prepared and it's makes for a convenient lunch for those working in town (evening takeaway is also recommended).

A girls night out was enjoyed in Urban Choola. This was my first trip and, despite a little confusion re our booking, I was thoroughly impressed. The food is very reasonably priced and they have a BYOB policy which meant that the evening was pleasantly affordable! The top dish is my starter of gol guppa (£3.50), the next is my main of a veggie thali (£9.95). As you can see, my eyes were WAY bigger than my belly, and I didn't manage to eat it all, but it was good. Next time I'll just have the thali, I think!

A few house hunting trips to Walkley meant that I just HAD to try one of the local cafes - after all if I was going to live there I had to know what I was letting myself in for (not that we are actually going to move there now)! Anyhoo, we tried the Perfect Pie Cafe and I thoroughly enjoyed a meat and potato pie with a side of braised cabbage. It's just a shame that it won't become part of my life any time soon...

In celebration of selling the flat we decided to take a trip to the South Indian restaurant Maveli. We had the andhra chilli chicken and the South Indian calamari to start, then the ever delicious quail egg masala (Oh! Just thinking about this gorgeously rich curry is making me hungry) and the flavoursome nilgiri mutton. 

Having had my eye on the Tamper Late events for a while I was pleased to finally bag myself a seat last Friday, especially as the chef was cooking his own Polynesian food. We kicked off with Oka (Citrus marinated yellow fin tuna carpaccio in coconut milk, pink grapefruit segments and cucumber foam), before moving on to Puaa (Suckling pig smoked in taro leaves with roasted cassava, buttered silver beet, plantain crisps & a monkey apple purée) and rounded things off with Masi Samoa (Samoan biscuits topped with homemade coconut ice cream finished with a mango and pawpaw salsa). Apologies for the quality of the pictures, the lighting wasn't amazing, but the food was beautiful and the menu was perfectly balanced.

Phew! That's a lot of food! What have you been scoffing over the past couple of months?

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