Friday, 3 May 2013

Living Below the Line - Day 5 - Lunch

The light at the end of the tunnel... I can see it... just.

After feeling incredibly sorry for myself yesterday (thanks to my crap lunch followed by reheated bean casserole for tea and an evening of drinking tap water at The Beauchief) I am glad to say that I am feeling a lot better today. Not only is this the last day, I have treated myself to the last pitta bread to go with my crap rice and bean salad and I have pasta with wild garlic, tomatoes and chilli flakes to look forward to tonight.

It's been a difficult week though - not just food wise - I've had a funny week at work too and I just cannot wait for the weekend. I'm going to celebrate with either a bacon and black pudding sandwich or mushrooms and poached egg on toast in the morning and a couple of pints in the afternoon.

Not that this challenge hasn't changed me; it has. I now appreciate how lucky I was, and will, be to grab a snack whenever I feel peckish, to dip into that big bag of salted peanuts that are hidden away in my drawer at work, to grab a chunk of cheese from the fridge or to treat myself to a little pork pie if I'm in the market. All these things, these simple pleasures, have been sorely missed this week, but at least I've had enough to get by. Unlike those who truly live below the line, I haven't had to battle with any other demands on my precious £5; it's all been used on food and I haven't had to worry about utility costs or travel costs.

Going forward, there'll be a few changes at home. I'm going to try and shop to budget and I'm going to start making lunches for us both to take to work. I always used to do this in the past, but got lazy. It's time I got organised...

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  1. well done, Clare - we take so much for granted and forget how privileged we really are. Thank you for reminding me of this.