Monday, 29 April 2013

Living Below The Line - Day One - Breakfast

Breakfast is normally a small bowl of museli with skimmed milk. Or, if I'm feeling naughty, two slices of seeded bread, toasted, with butter. Whatever it is, there is always a cuppa tea.

Not today. Cheap pittas breads have been toasted and served with sickly sweet, cheap as, lemon curd.
And there's no cuppa. Just a pint of water.

What was my thinking behind this meal? Well I could have made my own bread, but flour costs more than a pack of pittas! I simply couldn't fit butter into my budget so I looked for the cheapest spread possible.

Of all my meals this week, breakfast is the worst. My body doesn't enjoy white bread and I reckon that the lemon curd will be playing absolute havoc with my sugar levels... And don't even get me started on the lack of a cuppa.

So, my only hope is that, despite the total lack of nutrients, this breakfast will get me through to lunch. And at 8.26p a serving, I'll be impressed if it does!

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