Monday, 29 April 2013

Living Below The Line - Day One - Lunch

Ok. So I have survived thus far.

I don't think I'm any hungrier than usual (I'm generally hungry all day on a Monday as I pig out at the weekend), but I do have a headache. I don't know whether that's thanks to all the calculations I've been doing over the weekend (to work out food costs), or whether it's down to that sickly sweet lemon curd I had this morning...

Anyhow... onto lunch. Half a tin of sild, 100g pasta, two tomatoes with a little bit of thyme. I'll admit that I wasn't sure whether this one would work. Sometimes I have to be in the mood for tinned fish and I'd never had sild before. I did, however, know that it would fill me. It's actually larger, in terms of calories, than most of the lunches I have as I've been sticking to soup recently. It also provides a nice source of protein and as it's an oily fish, I'm getting a dose of omega 3 too. The two tomatoes give me a bit of vitamin C, but I'm pretty sure that I'll struggle to hit my five a day with lunches like this.

Despite a costing of just 39.58p I am pleased to say that this was actually an enjoyable lunch. The thyme worked well with the fish, much better than I thought it would and thanks to the oiliness of the fish, the pasta wasn't too dry. I'm also pleased to report that, although my cheap Tesco pasta wasn't in the same league as some posh Italian pasta, it was fine. In terms of improvements I would make in the future (when I'm not working to such a tight budget) I'd add a bit of chilli and some extra tomatoes.

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