Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Trip to Trippet's

Day four of our 'staycation' and we fancied trying somewhere new for lunch. Trippet's Lounge Bar was the obvious choice - with a menu of little plates and a good wine list is sounded right up our street.

We started off in The Bath where I finally got to try the Thornbridge I Love You, Will You Marry Me? - which is amazing by the way. It's a strawberry beer, but, unlike a lot of fruit beers, this was really natural tasting and not at all sickly!

Onto Trippet's and we had a lovely time. You know the kind of experience where you smile throughout the meal and leave the place with a great big grin on your face? Well that's what happened to us. The food, wine and service was just perfect.

We were so impressed that we recently returned one Friday night - so that we could take advantage of the live jazz in the bar. And, once again, we had a brilliant time - Trippet's has quickly become one of my favorite places to be right now.

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  1. I've never been here, but when i looked at this photos I decided that i must go there, thank you! :) It looks amazing