Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Stuffed Jalapeños

Remember when eating in the local Italian/Mexican restaurant was the highlight of your social life? I do. In my early twenties team nights out were spent at a certain restaurant on West Street (now gone) and that other one at Gleadless. And I'd have the stuffed jalapeños EVERY GODDAMN TIME.

So when we got some fresh jalapeños in at Mr Pickles', I got a little giddy. Especially as a few of them were just the right size for a good stuffing...

A brief Google told me all I needed to know and I went home with a few of the feisty peppers, a tub of Longley Farm cream cheese, a chunk of Vintage Cheddar and dreams of a tasty lunch...

So the next day, I chopped the jalapeños in half, scooped out the seeds and membrane and stuffed with a mixture of the cream cheese and grated cheddar. I then set them out on a sheet and baked in the oven (let's say at around gas mark 6) for 10-15 minutes.

stuffed jalapeños

Oooof... these were so good. The peppers were HOT - my fingers were tingling for a few days after preparing them - but they'd calmed down a little once cooked and the cheese mixture was deliciously creamy (it was the first time I'd tried Longley Farm cream cheese - it won't be the last). 

Quick, easy and super delicious... I just need me some more jalapeños!

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