Thursday, 8 January 2015

Craft & Dough, Kelham Island, Sheffield

The Milestone team seem to be a bit on the roll at the moment and, in addition to taking on Fancie last summer, they've now opened Craft & Dough in Kelham Island.

Located in the old Green City Coffee cafe/bar near Kelham Island Museum, Craft & Dough specialises in two things. Beer (Craft) and Pizza (Dough). It's a great combination - when done well.

And I guess I must approve as I've been twice since it opened. See, since moving to Hillsborough, we've been drinking in Kelham Island more than ever before. It's kinda walkable from our house; via a quick stop off at New Barrack Tavern that is... But, although the beer is great down there, we've been desperate for somewhere new to eat. You know, somewhere not quite as formal as a fine dining three courser at Milestone, but somat a little more formal than a pub lunch.

Well, Craft & Dough seem to have hit a few nails on the head. With a complete refurbishment to the premises, the interior is cool and contemporary but warm and inviting. Service is friendly and knowledgeable and the pricing is spot on (£4.50 - £9 for a rather decent sized pizza). What's more they have a very reasonable loyalty card deal - buy six, get one free.

But what will continue to pull me back time and time again, has to be their craft and dough. The beer list is plenty interesting with the likes of Anchor, Flying Dog, Founders, Left Hand, Hitachino and Nøgne Ø available. And, the pizza? Oh my. Toppings include many delicious things such as ox cheek, smoked duck breast, Nduja, smoked salmon and Bombay mix (not all on the same one... obvs). But, more importantly for me, their bases are pretty fine too (I HATE deep pan).

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what I mean...

Sheffield Food Blog
The bar and the kitchen area to the right.

Sheffield Food Blog
Ploughman's starter was like no other ploughman's I've ever had... in a good way.

Sheffield Food Blog
Crafty Cuts - is there anything that ox cheek can't improve?

Sheffield Food Blog
Tandoori chicken - fresh and delicious.

Sheffield Food Blog
Nduja - had just the right level of heat for me!


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  2. This place makes me sob! Two of my great, banned, loves! How I will live without beer I have no idea.

    1. I'm sure they've started doing GF pizza - have asked on Twitter for you.

      As for beer try the Mikkeller GF beer that Hop Hideout have in (, Brass Castle Hoptical Illusion, Wold Top - Against the Grain, Wold Top - Scarborough Fair IPA and a few of First Chop beers ( Both Hop Hideout and Mr Pickles ( have some of these beers in, so you needn't go without!! Not sure re the beers that Craft & Dough have, but will try and find out for you!

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