Friday, 29 August 2014

How to Eat Well in Hillsborough

As a 'foodie' I worried about moving to Hillsborough. Where would I shop? What would I eat? Would I have to resort to shopping at the supermarket? 

But after a couple of months of living here, I'm glad to report that I've found a few decent shops, cafes and takeaways on my doorstep. It seems that Hillsborough has been doing 'local' for a long time. Sure, it's not perfect - I could do with a deli, a decent grocers and an Asian supermarket - but things could be a LOT worse.

And here's a little list of my current favourite things in Hillsborough... I'll add to it as and when I try new places...


Pearson's butchers is fab. There's plenty of good-natured and friendly banter, a nice range of produce (including a little offal and lots of lamb) and they have (in my opinion) some of the best bacon and sausages in Hillsborough. I also tend to use Pearson's when I need to order a certain cut of meat for a special meal.


Funk's pork butchers is my first choice for pies (especially pork pies) and cooked meats, but they also sell bread cakes from Turners bakery (which are lovely) and baked goods (including some rather bloody good Eccles cakes). They also have a whole range of joints and cuts of pork.

G L Stebbing

I must admit that I haven't been to the fishmongers that much over the past couple of months but we've enjoyed their salmon, mackerel and roll-mops so far.

Angels of Cuisine

This small Polish cake shop has an appealing window displays - which should mean a lot coming from me as I don't even really like cake that much. We've had a couple of takeaways from here but I'm eager to pop in for coffee and cake one day. I also gather that I need to try their bread one day... oh and they do a lot of gluten free stuff. 

John Crawshaw's

We've shopped at this butchers a few times (whilst living in town) and they've never let me down. As Pearson's has now become my main butchers, I don't use use Crawshaw's that much right now, but they have beef cheeks and venison so I'm sure I'll be popping in every now and then!

Brook Bakery

Since discovering that cheap bread gives me indigestion I've stopped buying the supermarket stuff. And although these guys aren't exactly the next Forge Bakehouse or 7 Hills Bakery, their bread is tasty and it doesn't give me indigestion, so they suit us just fine! I like their multi-seeded and granary sliced loaves.

Jolly Fryer
There are a lot of takeaways in Hillsborough, but after being spoiled by all the fantastic Chinese and Indian takeaways in town and down London Road, I'm a little bit wary about the offering around here. Having said that, the fish and chips shops are pretty ace. So far our favourite is the Jolly Fryer, but Red Rose is pretty good and you could certainly do worse than Holme Lane Fish Bar.


Beres shouldn't need any introduction - they're a Sheffield institution. Obviously their pork sandwiches are tremendous, but their pies and bread rolls are pretty damn good too.

New Barrack Tavern

I knew of the NBT before we moved to Hillsborough but it was only recently that I worked out how close it was to home - which did mean that I spent some time worrying about where my new local would be!! There's a good range of beers - keg, cask and bottled. Food is proper pub grub with burgers and pies on the menu and, all in all, it's a nice place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Our Cow Molly
Yes, I know that OCM are based out in Dungworth, but I'm still gonna include them here coz our local milkman delivers their milk!! Yep OCM 'Super Fresh' milk lands on my doorstep (well, back windowsill actually) four times a week - meaning that I have a constant supply of the good stuff!


  1. A useful post Clare, it is always interesting to learn about other parts of Sheffield.

  2. Cheers IT Guy! I certainly do enjoy exploring new areas of the city!

  3. you missed Dreamz :) cheeky link up

    must admit I go to the supermarkets to save trawling the kids in and out of places. Royal Pizza is the best Pizza takeaway (and on my doorstep).

    Will have to do coffee at Riverside ,.... just for reviewing purposes obviously ;)

  4. I haven't been to Dreamz yet - but yes - feel free to link to your blog! Coffee and Hillsborough chat would be good.