Saturday, 21 June 2014

New House

Well... We've finally moved house! And I cannot tell you how happy we are!! Honestly, living in town was great but the noise and lack of space has been doing my head in for about 4/5 years. And thanks to the crash in house prices we've had to ride it out and wait for the right time to sell... And that time came earlier this year.

Initially we quite fancied Walkley or Nether Edge/Sharrow, but so did a lot of people and after bidding well over the asking price on a Walkley terrace, only to lose, we decided to look further afield.

Which is how we ended up in Hillsborough! It's not quite the foodie destination of the north but on spotting three butchers, one fishmongers, a grocers and a bakers (not to mention the amazing Beres) on the main street I figured we'd do alright. I also now gather that I can get Our Cow Molly milk delivered to my back door... perfect!

Anyway our house is gorgeous! It's on a quiet road, we have lovely neighbours, it's larger than the average terrace and it's full of character and original features.

So... here's a few pics of the things I love about our new house. I'll be adding more over the next week or so too. Oh and do note that it's nowhere near as clean as I would like it, so please ignore the muck... I still need to get some scrubbing done!!

Oh and I'm also sorry for the lack of captions on the photos, I won't have wifi until 1st July (God help me), so I'm blogging this from my phone!

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