Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Great Gatsby, Sheffield

It's no secret that The Great Gatsby is my favourite bar in Sheffield. Quite simply, it has everything I look for in a bar and it's on my doorstep (well technically it's a 50 second walk from said doorstep, but that's close enough for me).

Of course there's more to the Gatsby than its location. The knowledgeable bar staff are always happy to mix up my favourite cocktails... or, if I'm lucky, they'll be in the mood to experiment and they'll knock me up something a bit off piste.

The food is another reason why I love the Gatsby so much. From starting out with wraps and salads, the team have had a go at a few menus. There have been thin and crispy pizzas, meat and cheese platters, pies and some rather amazing burgers. It's all been good (especially those burgers), but they surpassed themselves with the launch of Shy Boy Cantina last year. And keen to keep us all on our toes, they've already revised their offering. We went to check out their new menu last night.

It's kinda Tex-Mex along with a few other cuisines thrown in. So dishes include the Mexican tacos with Texan pulled pork topped off with the Korean kimchi (pickled cabbage) and sriracha sauce, a Mexican club sandwich and an apple and manchego salad with distinct Thai flavours.

And although such a menu could easily end up being a mish mash of conflicting cuisines, this one works as there's one simple and consistent running through - fresh and strong flavours. There's horseradish, chorizo, truffle oil and that sriracha sauce on the menu and it seems that the Gatsby has pulled together some of the best flavours from across the world and made them work in harmony.

Resisting the temptation of the chilli cheese fries (which, quite simply, are breathtakingly good!) we tried a range of dishes (for the purpose of the blog, of course) kicking off with avocado fries (£4) which are slices of avocado coated in panko breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with chilli, lime and Parmesan. They sound impossible, look delicious and are strangely moreish.

Apple and manchego salad wasn't quite what I was expecting - it was better. This ample serving of salad made up of sliced apple, chunks of cucumber and red onion was dressed with gratings of cheese, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and coriander giving a real Thai feel to the dish. It was fresh and tasty and something that we'll definitely be ordering again especially when we feel that we need a bit of a health kick!

Pulled pork tacos (£5 for two) were good - the meat was tender and the sour flavours of the kimchi balanced the dish. I did think that the sriracha sauce could have packed a little more of a punch, but I also wonder if my mild hangover was playing with my taste buds here. Spicy cauliflower tacos (£5 for two) were another fresh and healthy addition to our meal and the avocado and mango worked nicely with the roasted cauliflower.

Finally we shared a serving of jalapeño cheese bombers (£3.50) - balls of cheese and chillies breaded and deep fried - and I think that these were the stars of our meal. You just can't beat the cheese and chilli pairing!

Once again, the Gatsby has impressed and I'm sure that this menu will go down very well. I, for one, want to return for the Shy Boy Mexican Club and Chilli Beef sandwiches... and they'll always be a place in my heart for the chilli cheese fries.

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  1. Great blog as always Clare, looks like you had a fab meal! And yes I am salivating ......