Sunday, 6 October 2013

Grind Cafe, Sheffield - Exposed Blog Post

The Grind Café is known as a hidden gem in Sheffield. However its reputation as such is so prolific that I’m not entirely sure it can continue to carry that title. Long before my first visit I’d already heard lots about it and I knew that the sausage rolls have just the right ratio of pastry v meat, allowing the latter to do the majority of the talking, and that the daily changing salads are as tasty as they are fresh and vibrant. Gem – yes. Hidden – not so much.

But, having said this, and despite the café being open for some time, I didn’t actually make my first trip down there until I received an invite to go for lunch from them. And I figured that it was only fair to give Grind Café a go on the basis that if it was as good as everyone seems to be saying it is, I would find something worth shouting about.

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