Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Cheap Eats #6

I'm not too sure how cheap this week's cheap eats actually are and I'm conscious of the fact that I've stopped working out the price of each portion which doesn't help. Did anyone find the breakdowns useful?

Anyhoo, we ate two new dishes last week and I have to say that I was impressed with them both. Sweet potato and egg curry (from page 154 of the Hamlyn All Colour Cookbook, 200 Slow Cooker Recipes) was spices, sweet potato, tomatoes and lentils, all thrown into the slow cooker and cooked for a day before adding boiled eggs and tinned peas. Having been sold on the promise that this 'ere slow cooker was supposed to make my life easier I have already given up with any pre-browning/toasting/softening of ingredients and therefore everything just goes in raw (on the basis that if the dish can't handle that kind of rough and ready approach, it ain't the dish for me).

Thankfully this one coped nicely and the end result was a rich and creamy curry that was flavoursome. And although the book tells me that I'd only get four portions out of it, we got five large ones and we could have (should have) easily stretched it those six. It's one I'll do again and if you fancy it, the book is quite cheap on Amazon at the moment and you'll want to try the tarka dahl that's on page 172 too.

The second meal to impress was this cauliflower risotto. Wow. This was pretty amazing given how humble the cauliflower is! The husband is the king of risotto in our house so he cooked this one. He skipped the pine nuts (I don't think they were missed to be honest), used vermouth instead of white wine (as we didn't have wine) and extra mature cheddar instead of Parmesan (as that's what we had in) and it was delicious. Really easy to make and not all that expensive, I highly recommend you try it.

Did you discover any new dishes last week?

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