Sunday, 15 September 2013

Top 5 - Leigh Richmond

First up in the Your Sheffield Favourites section is Leigh Richmond (@leighcrichmond). Check out his favourites below. 
Gusto Authentic Italian food in a quaint atmosphere. Desserts to die for! 
Rafters Plate wise, as close to London fine dining as you will get in Sheffield, but with a homely feel. 
Losehill House  Not entirely Sheffield, but had to squeeze in purely down to the taste, presentation and views while eating. No idea how this place isn't Michelin starred. 
Devonshire Arms, Middle Handley  Gastro pub at its best. Ever changing menu on the chalk board that always impresses me. Plus they have strawberry beer on tap! 
Milestone  The driver of good food in Sheffield. Gastro feel, with fine dining food. Even a simple brunch is an amazing experience. 
If you would like to have your favourites posted in this section, email a list of your top five destinations for eating and drinking, including a short sentence about each, to me at

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