Friday, 13 September 2013

The Good Food Guide - Sheffield Restaurants

The Good Food Guide has been out since Monday. But do you think my pre-ordered copy has arrived yet? Has it heckers, like. 

All is not lost however, thanks to a kind fellow foodie on Twitter (@ThomHetheringto - go on - give him a follow) I have recently been notified of the state of play for Sheffield's restaurants. Thanks also to @IntakeBlade for reminding me that Old Vicarage got 7. 

Artisan 3, 

Milestone 2, 
Moran's 4,
Old Vicarage 7, 
Wig and Pen 2, 
Lokanta and Rafters also recommended.

I'm sure you've got lots to say... so go for it. You know where the comment section is.

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