Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hungry Hound Pizza, Sheffield

I bought a KGB deal voucher for Hungry Hound Pizza a while back, but completely for got about it until earlier this week. With it expiring on Saturday and our wedding anniversary on Friday, I planned celebrations around pizza and a bottle of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (a leaving present from my Nabarro colleagues).

The deal included a 'Beast' pizza and a couple of garlic breads and although I knew that the 'Beasts' were 18 inches, I didn't really twig just how big they actually were. So when Gav returned home with the largest pizza box I HAVE EVER SEEN, I couldn't quite believe my eyes! They are huge; mahoosive some would say.

Having said that, we actually worked our way through all 12 slices quite comfortably and I think this is thanks to the thin and crispy bases; just how I like my pizza. The topping (super hound) was tasty and there was a good spread of ingredients; a good ratio of cheese to base too.

Garlic breads were significantly smaller (thankfully) and, although a lot more doughy than the pizza, they were enjoyable. After spending so many years in fear of takeaway pizza (I really don't like doughy, stodgy pizza), I'm so glad to have found these guys and I'd be happy to go back. Prices are reasonable too; check out their promotions here.

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