Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Leftover roast chicken, pea and lemon risotto

I had quite a bit of chicken leftover from our dinner on Sunday and rather than just throw it into a curry I decided to split it, bag it up and stick it in the freezer until I knew what I wanted to do. And today I decided that some of it was destined for a risotto... Yes, yes, another risotto... but this time I wasn't cooking. Gav's much better at risottos than I am so I left him in charge of the kitchen.

He followed this recipe which was easy enough and the end result was really tasty. The lemon made the dish really light and almost zingy, but risotto lovers will be glad to know that this is still a wholesome meal. Best of all we have enough left over for our lunch tomorrow and there's still some chicken left in the freezer!

No pictures I'm afraid; just trust that it looked good.

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