Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Wick At Both Ends - New Menu - Spring 2013

Ok, this is just gonna be a quick one.

I think we all know that I love The Wick at Both Ends, don't we? I must eat here at least once a month and it's my 'go to' place when meeting friends for dinner. See, it's pub grub, but some of the best pub grub I have had.  Yes there are fish and chips on the menu along with bangers and mash. But there's also carpaccio of duck and those bangers and mash are actually wild boar sausages with black pudding mash. Not bad for pub grub eh? It's always really well priced too. With three tapas style dishes (or starters) for a tenner and most mains priced at £7/£8 eating here is an affordable luxury.

It's also a great little bar. With eclectic furniture and décor, chilled out music and a good selection of cocktails it's a good place to be. The staff are lovely too; friendly, attentive and knowledgeable which will explain how they won Eat Sheffield's Best Bar Team award last year.

Since the launch of the spring menu I've eaten here a couple of times and I thought I'd share what I ate.
Gav and I went for the tapas style dishes. Picking three each and sharing them meant that we could try a lot of the menu and we could both eat for £20.

We had carpaccio of duck which came with a port and cherry reduction, a locally sourced pork pie with a piccalilli and a mackerel pate served with some handmade oat cakes. All were quickly scoffed. The duck was tender, the mackerel pate was creamy and slightly zesty and the pork pie was, er, a pork pie ... which is always good!

Welsh cockle pies were two little dishes of cockles in a creamy sauce topped off with puff pastry. And although I often find casseroles with lids insanely disappointing, the size of these little pies meant there was a good filling to pastry ratio so I was happy.

Confit tomato salad was a bit of an unusual choice for me and one I probably wouldn't go for again, but asparagus soldiers and dipping egg were spot on and a lovely way for us to get some vitamin C down us.

A trip with friends meant that I could sample the main meals and I couldn't resist the lamb rump (£10.95). It was beautifully pink and came served with a stack of potato slices and a leek and bacon cream sauce. I really enjoyed the meal, as did my friends. One had the beef stew which came with chicken liver dumplings and the other had a selection of the tapas dishes.
Fans of the Wick will notice that Ham & Eggs is lacking from the menu as is the mini pie and the calamari. But I think there's enough on the new menu to keep us happy, and it wouldn't surprise me if these dishes made a return at some point!

Go. Take your mates. Take your colleagues. Take your other half. Just go. Eat. Drink. And be merry.

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  1. Ha! I too noted the lack of Ham and Eggs, which was my favorite. However, like yourself, this is my go-to place and never disappoints. Always a pleasure.