Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fifth Floor, Harvey Nichols, London 2012 (D)

After a busy day on the Saturday we were both grateful of a later than usual check out on the Sunday (12 noon) and a bit of a lie in. However, this did also mean that we didn’t leave the hotel (Novotel at St Pancras btw – recommended – great décor and ideally located next to the station so that we didn’t have to lug our bags far) until about 11am. This then meant that there wasn’t really much time to take a trip to Islington for breakfast at Ottolenghi considering we needed to be hungry for Dinner at 2.30.

So we decided to head over to Knightsbridge for a spot of shopping in Harrods and Harvey Nichols. Of course, that only kept us occupied for a limited period and in the end, we just had to give into our pangs of hunger. 

The Fifth Floor of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge ain’t a bad place to be when you’re hungry. Along with a fine selection of produce for sale there’s a restaurant and a champagne bar and on spotting that said champagne bar also served oysters we were sold. Champagne and oysters is pretty luxurious, especially in the middle of Knightsbridge! More importantly, they would satiate our hunger a little without spoiling our appetite for Dinner.

6 oysters came with mini chorizo, a shallot sauce, tabasco and lemon.  Oysters were fresh (although a little on the small size) and chorizo was delicious (although we did assume that they were not to be used as a garnish for the oysters).

Champagne, of course, was delicious.

Having said that the bill, for 6 oysters and 2 glasses of champagne, was close to £50, but then Fifth Floor is a far cry from the last place I had a plate of oysters; Castle Market where the offerings are larger and a lot cheaper (95p each).

But this was a treat, a good treat.

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