Sunday, 18 March 2012

A squiffy afternoon in the Wig & Pen

Ok, this is just a quick one... and it's all about getting pleasantly squiffy in the afternoon (tut tut!).

I recently spotted a bargain of a Living Social deal for a platter and a bottle of wine at the Wig & Pen for £15. Considering the platter alone is £15.95, I was having this one...

With a long overdue catch up with a friend coming up, I booked us in for yesterday afternoon.

My friend was slightly late (shock horror - she is never late!) and on telling the waiter that I would wait for her to arrive before choosing the wine, he brought over a carafe of water and a couple of glasses.  Given that I hadn't asked for any water this was an early sign that I was going to be looked after.

The wine options were a couple of bottles from Bordeaux; a merlot and a sauvignon blanc mix.  Afternoon drinking and girlie chats calls for white wine (although gin and tonic is also a good option), so we went for the sauvugnon blanc.

I can't remember the exact price of the wine, but I did spot that it wasn't the cheapest bottle going which is refreshing to see in one of these deals.  It was delicious too; hence us buying two more bottles after we finished the first (whoops!).

The platter arrived and at first I'll admit that I thought it looked a bit on the small side but as we tucked in it was clear that there was just the right amount for the two of us; especially as extra bread was provided when requested.

With an array of meaty delights and slabs of cheese this was just the thing for me.  Sliced pork pie (with a tasty terrine like filling), meaty pate, blue cheese and brie with bread, rosemary flavoured butter, pickled onions, a couple of chutneys and a cucumber salad; we devoured the lot!

Feeling incredibly relaxed and pampered (I think I poured myself one glass of wine) we stayed for the afternoon catching up and generally just putting the world to rights whilst slowly getting rather squiffy.

Check out their new bar menu here.  With an excellent wine list and a superb collection of cocktails (trust me - I've tried a few) the Wig & Pen is a perfect place for some afternoon squiffiness....


  1. This looks really nice I am contemplating driving up from Nottingham just for that platter!

  2. I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed Owain!!

  3. That does look like a decent spread. Not quite as good as a Welsh Grand Slam victory but a decent alternative!

  4. If you're lucky I'll take you with me next time...!

  5. Afternoon drinking; one of life's great pleasures.

  6. Yes Neil, it certainly is one of life's greatest pleasures. Although I'm quite sure I wasn't a pleasure to be around at the end of it!!

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