Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hangover Food - Eggy bread with cheese

We've all been there haven't we?  The banging headache, the queasy stomach and the burning desire to eat everything in sight.  All thanks to too many glasses (bottles) of vino the night before.

Today I woke up with a stinker, but some eggy bread with cheese and blackcurrant cordial made with lemonade is helping me through it.

So, what's your favourite hangover cure?  Bacon sandwich?  Scrambled egg on toast?  Or do you like to try and replenish your body and get some fresh fruit goodness down you?

Use the comments box to tell me your favourite hangover cure.  After each new comment I'll add another cure too (I have a lot of experience in dealing with hangovers!).  Let's see how many we can get! 


  1. One persons heaven is anothers hell I think the saying goes... If I was feeling deathly I don't think I could face this. Prawn cocktail crisps dipped in tomato soup is my hangover cure.

  2. Wow! That's an interesting one! How did you come across that?

    Ok. My next hangover cure is fresh orange juice and lemonade. Watch out though - as it's fizzy it will either kill or cure.

    Tweeter, The Food Nut suggested wig and pen sunday dinner followed by more beer.

    He's got a point...

  3. More tips via Twitter....

    @Mookii likes a bowl of fresh fruit or some lemondade.

    @QwertyCreation likes quavers and ice lollies.

    My next one is a bit of a combination of the above two ideas.... coke with ice cream. That way you get the best of the coke, bar the fizz.