Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bradfield Farmers Market


Well, I couldn't make the Farmers Market this time (far too much work to do with exams coming up) so I sent the husband up with a list. This is what he came back with...........

Blossom Honey from Sheffield Honey Company

This is a treat! It's clean tasting and sweet, but not sickly so. It's how honey should taste and the difference between this and the shop bought stuff is quite impressive.

A pork pie with black pudding from Gerty's Pork

Oooo I do like a good pork pie. The meat was tasty and free of gristle and the jelly casing was delicious. The only downside for me was that the flavour of the black pudding didn't really come through. As Gav'd had a taster of the black pudding and proclaimed it as some of the best he had tasted, I felt I was missing out a little. Next time, we'll get the back pudding too.

Big Boy Chops, also from Gerty's Pork

These are still frozen and will be eaten later in the week along with...

Sheffield Brew from Tea Box for my dad

He'll be chuffed to see this again as it's currently his favourite brew.

Liquorice ice cream and milk from Our Cow Molly

Check out the Made in Sheffield logos! The milk is super fresh and will easily keep for a week. The ice cream is great and the unusual addition of liquorice makes it an interesting choice too.

Chocolate Chilli Brownies from Heavenlies

I've said it before and I'll say it again; these are the best brownies ever! The chilli adds a warm kick, but isn't over powering.

Pressed tongue from Halls Home Produce

This is really good quality meat and great in sandwiches.

He didn't do too bad did he?!

For more info on the Bradfield Farmers Market, Our Cow Molly and Heavenlies click here.


  1. Hi Clair

    This is a great recipe for pork chops, my only change to it is that I caramelise the onions first. The crackling is superb!!

    Works well with chicken breasts too.

    And yes, Gav did very well indeed!


  2. Hi Sarah - good to hear from you again. Cheers for the tip - I'll have to take a look. Oooo you've just reminded me of the chilli recipes. Been quite busy lately, but will get round to a chilli fest soon!

  3. Waitrose have Discovery Chipotle Paste in should you need it, and I found smoked chilli flakes on the Continental market when it was on Fargate so I am well stocked up!

    And off to Devon next month so will be visiting the South Devon Chilli farm. :)