Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Moss Valley Fine Meats - an Exposed blog post

As a young teenager I went through a phase of collecting pigs. Not the real ones, obviously, but ceramic pigs and the like. I’ve grown out of that now, but I still have a soft spot for pigs. 

So after getting in touch with Stephen Thompson of Moss Valley Fine Meats and discovering he was a pig farmer, I was keen to visit his farm and meet some of his little piggies!

The farm is just on the outskirts of Sheffield, in S8 and it’s bizarre to know that a farm of that size (240 acres) is situated so close to town. My husband was also intrigued so he came along too and sure enough, after turning off the Bochum Parkway and driving down a country lane we arrive. We feel that we’re in the middle of nowhere, when we’re only about a 10 minutes drive from Woodseats.

Stephen cheerfully welcomes us and we have a chat with him and his wife, Karen, before going on a tour. Having already met Stephen at a recent Farmers' Market, and followed him on Twitter for a couple of months I already knew that he has a strong interest in keeping the British pig industry alive. 

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