Monday, 5 May 2014

WaDing, Sheffield

This is just a quick post re the lunch I had at WaDing today. Situated above the new Chinese supermarket in West One, WaDing is owned by the people behind Tai Sun supermarket. Both shops are worth a visit - WaDing is a bit classier than the other Chinese supermarkets in the city. And by classy, I mean that it stocks health food, organic toiletries, posh filtered water and the like.

Anyhoo the canteen is accessible from the shop - just follow your nose up the stairs! Occupying a bright and airy room, WaDing's canteen is clean and inviting - the open kitchen will appeal to diners too. Using ingredients from the shop, the menu is both simple and appealing. There are main dishes, noodle dishes and 'specials' and it's good to see that WaDing's healthy eating ethos travels upstairs from shop to canteen. 

We decided to take advantage of the set menu option which meant that we had a soup and an appetiser along with our chosen dish. We also went for a half and half of two mains each, an option available for an extra quid, so that we could try a few different things.

I opted for the belly beef with red beancurd, king prawns with mixed vegetables and an appetiser of spinach mixed with vermicelli (£7.99). My food looked incredibly fresh and appealing - the amount of veg on the plate also made me smile. 

It seems that WaDing believes in letting the ingredients do most of the talking as neither my beef or prawns dishes were heavily flavoured and, unlike much of the Chinese food I have eaten recently, they were free of chilli (and oil slicks for that matter). Everything tasted good though; beef was tender and homely, prawns were fat and juicy, veg was cooked al dente and the side of spinach and vermicelli was fresh tasting. The soup was superfluous to be honest - actually I didn't really NEED that appetiser either - the main was huge, especially as there was a surprise half egg on the plate too! But the simple broth with some greens tasted healthy and reminded me of something that I would like to eat when full of cold.

WaDing isn't licensed so I had a peach white tea (£1) which was quite sweet, but very refreshing. Gav had opted for the steamed salmon and steamed pork ribs along with the appetiser of celery with spicy peanuts. Again, he was perfectly happy with his choice and we both agreed that we'd return.

So, although WaDing doesn't exactly punch you in the face with chilli heat, it is a fabulous option for a healthy and tasty meal at very reasonable prices.

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